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Tiny TeaHOUSE & Healing Garden Fundraising SALE in the Candy SHOP!

Updated: Jun 20, 2018

SHARING my Tiny TeaHOUSE & Healing Garden Residency Fundraiser ANNOUNCEMENT with my BLOG readers!  

Please do check it out to get your prosperity & abundance enhancing CandyCoated goods:

Summer is already here at the farm!

It is with great excitement announce the long awaited  Tiny TeaHOUSE and Healing Garden Summer Residency Project sited on an organic farm in my native heartland of OHIO!

Come along with me for the ride on this epic adventure with weekly  BLOG updates featuring: - organic garden growing  - tasty healing soup/salad/tea recipes: learned as a Veg Chef Apprentice at Green Gulch Zen Center in California and created with veg from the healing garden! - foods for thought: special empowering meditations & mantras known to calm the mind and improve health paving the way to rich personal abundance!   - episodic blossoming of my online School of Healing Arts & Ancient Wisdom: including veg cooking lessons, vinyl sticker producing, and a comprehensive textile yardage screen-printing series!

My greatest desire right now is to fundraise the transformation of the vintage holiday ramble rv (pictured above) into a contemporary tiny house wellness center  (pictured below

) which includes: - mirror shingling the exterior  - building an outdoor screen-printing fabric yardage table - gardening the surrounding land with healing herbs/vegetables - complete converting the interior into a meditative tea ceremony space

Your support is needed with this fundraiser to achieve  ultimate goal of sharing the healing power of creative art!  "How?" do you say?  Buy my art, arrange a commission, and/or make a donation!

To make this dream happen th Candy SHOP is having a spectacularSALE on: - crystal gemstone stickers - cute screen-printed kitty cat pillows - mediative glass mandala paintings - pre-orders for my upcoming retrospective masterpiece - the super lush  CandyCoated Tarot Card Deck & Mini Museum Collection * Follow INSTAGRAM for sweet pics and chances win a some CandyCoated swag!  

Thank you for reading, supporting this human community inspiring project & spreading the word- it means more than you know!

Sincerely yours & with much heart,

Candy * Newly created magical works will be added to the Candy SHOP weekly.   ** To arrange an artwork commission or custom fabric yardage please email


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