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Candy Coated Textiles debuted in 2017 with La Tasca, an independent woman owned bag company specializing in one of a kind backpacks and evening bags, with her hand screen-printed fabrics.  Her gemstone and flower pattern designs are inspired by decorative symbols found on Japanese Zen pillows upon which ritual gongs and bells rung to mark time during meditation practice rest their forms.  These fabrics were printed with much respect and honor during her most recent very special spiritual residency on the coast of California in her tiny studio within the Zendo (respected meditation space full of zabutons, buddah figures and daily sitting practice of bodhisattvas and monks in residence and those visiting from around the word). 

Each motif is lovingly printed with metallic inks in shades copper and gold that subtly glow and evoke their symbolic meanings; light for golden tones and love/admiration for the coppers.  Her favorite color of black, which absorbs all light counter balances the vivid fuschia for dramatic effect and is also the color of the Japanese monk's sitting robes.


Custom orders may be arranged by emailing and is the only way to acquired her fabrics.

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