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CandyCoated School & Educational Iniatives

As an experienced artist and educator dedicated to providing extraordinary creative experiences to children of all ages, Candy Coated has a special interest in cross-curricular arts integration, and particularly enjoys working in a wide variety of educational environments to create relevant learning experiences that have a far-reaching community impact.  The power of that interest led to the founding of the educational initiative called the Candy Coated STUDIO SCHOOL of Decorative Art & Design (2007) also known as the STUDIO SCHOOL in Philadelphia, PA. Over time the school concept has evolved into The School of Art and Ancient Wisdom and has partnered with WHEREVER You GO, You ART, artist residency program and the Tiny TeaHOUSE & Sitting Room with a View project to create a truly unique educational initiative promoting the healing, empowering power of ART.

History of the evolution: THEN

In 2007, the Candy Coated STUDIO SCHOOL of Decorative Art & Design was founded.  Dedicated to the industrious spirit of her father, George Depew, this sweet spot became an experimental educational initiative devoted to the healing power of art by spreading the love of silk-screen printing to all that desired to embrace it. Fun, productive classes were exclusively taught by Master Printer Candy Coated to thousands of children of all ages in her studio(s), at countless schools, festivals, colleges, community centers, and even the streets via her mobile print tike bike.  In specially crafted classes, beginners and experts alike got to experience the exciting process of creating screen-printed imagery on both paper and fabric. In all classes, Candy covered the basics and demonstrated techniques that while easy to use, yielded sophisticated results that surely triggered mild addictions to the art of silk-screen printing. Students of the school have built their own home studios, created fashion collections, created small business start-ups, produced limited edition archival prints, T-shirts, textiles for interiors, and unique artist’s editions both for limited run and mass production.

The School of Living Arts & Ancient Wisdom

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History of the evolution: NOW

Candy moved from Philadelphia in 2015 and took her educational initiative with her, with that the STUDIO SCHOOL naturally transformed. Challenging definitions of what a classroom or a studio can be, she employed whatever space was at hand be it a kitchen, the beach, a park, garage, boat, tent, a ranch, camper, a bed, even a rooftop and turned that space into a productive creative environment. With this way of working and teaching, it became apparent that the concept of the school had evolved from an educational initiative into a living sculptural art form in itself. Such transformation led to the initiative being renamed The School of Art & Ancient Wisdom and reflects on the ancient wisdom that nature, meditation, and organic healthy food are proven effective healing for humanity. Studies have shown that art has the power to empower and nature has positive impact on quality of life, lowers stress, and improves holistic personal well being in adults and children of all ages. 

The School of Art & Ancient Wisdom's mission is to share experiential knowledge of ancient art practices that anyone can learn!  Taking the form of an on-line virtual school makes perfect for independent learning and homeschooling.

Simple, yet enlightening video lessons starting with "How to Sticker" can be found on the Candy Coated  YouTube Channel with upcoming episodes filmed in the Tiny TeaHouse on an organic farm added throughout the Summer of 2018.  You can be a part of art by supporting the production of these episodes by visiting the Candy Shop a range of art and a wide range of stickers!

Upcoming episodes;

Vegan and Vegetarian Cooking focusing on Soups & Salads,

How to Set up a Screen Printing Studio Anywhere and Everywhere,

Beginning Screen Printing,

Screen Printing Textiles and Yardage,

Wallpaper Designing and Production,

T-Shirt Design and Printing in Your Kitchen,

Organic Herb Gardening,

Farm to Table Kitchen Series,

Paint by Number Mural Making,

Mixing Colors for Health and Wellbeing,

Intuitive Tarot Reading,

Crystal Healing,

Herb Tea Recipes and Rituals,

Zen Meditation Practices,

Astrology Color Symbology and Meaning, 

Creative Visualization,

Home and Studio Sage Smudge/Purification, 

Ikebana Flower Design and Seasonal Altar Arrangements,

Meditation Bead Necklace Making,

Creative Visualization Practices/Vision Board Collage, 

Aura Photography,

and Off-grid Tiny House Series.


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