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A stellar group exhibition of over forty consummate Artist's and Designers hailing from more than eight countries share their most private expressions with you for "EROTOMANIA; an International Display of Erotica". This special collection of ceramics, prints, sculpture, drawings, and text/writings investigates contemporary and historical depictions of obsessive love is hosted by the CandyCoated Center in the heart of Old City, Philadelphia.


Erotomania, first referred to as "erotic self-referent delusions" (1623), is the extraordinary condition in which the virtual fantasy of being in love can drive people to real extremes.  Originally likened to an illness caused by unrequited love, the perceived notion of this condition has evolved over centuries.  The present clinical understanding of erotomania is that the affected (subject) holds a delusional belief that another (object) is secretly in love with him and communicates their love in subtle and intricate ways; the most interesting, in terms of this exhibition, is the arrangement of household objects. The theme of "objects d'art" fulfilling needs of an erotic nature has a history in art, most prevalently featured over a century ago with the decorative Art Nouveau movement where erotic subjugation came to "denote the modern".


Mild cases of Erotomania often border on common relationship scenarios, which begs the question, "What triggers the leap from passion and admiration to complete obsession and the excessive pursuit of love?"


Each artistic talent was discovered at these progressive residency programs; the International Studio & Curatorial Program NYC   John Michael Kohler Arts/Industry , the Clay Studio, the London Consortium, and the European Ceramic Work Center.

Artists & Designers:
Leroy Johnson (USA)
David Cushway (UK) 
David East (USA)

Nidhi Jalan (India)
Cammi Climaco (USA)
Julia Stratton (USA)
Wally Gilbert (UK)

Marc Th. Van der Voorn (NL)
Chris Davidson (USA)
Nikolai Renke (Denmark)
Matt Suib (USA)
Nadia Hironaka (Canada)
Julie York (Canada) 
Su Tomesen (NL)
Sinisa Kukec (Canada)
Emilio Chapela (MEX)
Richard Hricko (USA)
William Eadon (USA)
Dylan Graham (NL)
Jesse Potts (USA) 
Mortiz Ebinger (NL)
Daan Ooms (NL)
Gilbert Van Drunen (NL)
Timea Tihanyi (Hungary)
Boris Van Berkum (NL)
Sophie Heawood (UK) 
David Posey (USA) 
Jeff Guido (USA) 
Heeseung Lee (USA) 
Nami Yamamoto (Japan)
Garrick Gott (USA)
Harry Koopman (NL)
Clemence Van Lunen (FR)
Dave Rickard (NZ)
Julie Pointras Santos (USA/SP) 
Ajila Steinvag (NL)
Etta Safve (Switzerland)
Ingrid Pasmans (NL)

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