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Zen Kitchen Vegetarian Chef Apprenticeship

Art, Food, Meditation are Natural Medicine 

Green Gulch Zen Center & Organic Farm, Muir Beach, California 

Since February 2017 Candy spent time meditating at the nature refuge of Green Gulch Zen Center and Farm, Green Dragon Temple in Muir Beach, California just north of San Francisco.  In July, Candy became a chef apprentice in the zen tradition while living full-time amongst monks studying in tandem the Bohdisattava path, accepting the pledge/vow to "save all beings". Visiting the beach nearly every day, hiking up the hills and being without cell reception nor reliable wifi plugged her back into the healing powers of nature.  Daily meditation practice starting at 4am daily over extended time realigned mind, body, and spirit, combined with mindful organic food preparation/eating/serving others brought her to gratefully realize the understanding that art/food/exposure to nature/meditation are essential "medicines" for balanced life of peace.

This experience proved to be valuable living research and development for the Invisible Tiny TeaHOUSE & Sitting Room with a View.

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