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Candy Coated Artist Residency Reprogramming

WHEVER You GO, You  ARTis very special long term project that has been secretly in the works for several years.  Considered a "satellite" program intended to move about wherever Candy goes as she orbits the earth practicing and teaching art. Definitively it is an artist's residency that happens wherever she happens to be, eschewing the idea that art is made within the confines of a studio and embracing the idea that art can be/is made wherever you are.


Candy started working with this concept in 2015 after relocating from the east coat to California.  Her favorite place there, Ocean Beach, San Francisco became her plein air studio and exploring the natural beauty of west coast became her sculptural practice. Outdoor actions like wheat pasting screen prints on the breaker wall, making large-scale temporary drawings in the sand on the beach, practicing the ancient technique of "eating the sun" at sunset daily, and photographing natural landscapes became her art forms.


In late 2016, a friend and devout patron of the arts named Sandy B was intrigued by Candy's work and offered a studio space on her small organic ranch situated amid the picturesque vineyards of Napa Valley, California for several months to

work uninterrupted on her art.  The works that came forth from that focused period of time formed an exhibition titled Crystallized Stardust and presented in the studio in February, 2017. 


The fires that spread across the Napa and Sonoma Valleys in October 2017 made it necessary to reconsider the future and think about the mobility and safety of this permanent space.  This caused Candy to redefine or reprogram what "residency" could mean. With careful consideration and by combining her experiences of more than a decades worth of creating/teaching art, participating in artist residency programs nationally and internationally, setting up studios in homes/schools/universities, and time spent at Green Gulch Zen Center the idea of an architectural structure on wheels came to mind as the solution.  

The result of her focus is the design of a modern mobile tiny tea house and meditation space, aptly named the Tiny TeaHOUSE & Sitting Room with a View and Healing Garden Residency*.  This special tiny house is designed to be completely mirrored on the exterior so that it may reflect on its own environs. The goal is to share the power of art wherever the teahouse finds itself by sharing healing art form modalities from which humanity could benefit.


* The organic Garden is dedicated to fond memories of Nicholas Kripal internationally known ceramic artist, dedicated art educator, innovative studio and gallery founder, and gardening enthusiast.  He highly influenced Candy as her graduate school teacher whom she always viewed as an important supportive figure in her artistic career.

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