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Pedal Powering


Bikes are symbols freedom, independence, progress, and forward movement. In dreams and in this colorful mural, bicycles are symbolic of the self. In Pedal Powering, bikes of many design styles ride together towards the sunrise into a beautiful new day dawning, a day full of vibrant color, faceted gemstone wheels of fortune in amethyst and citrine, flourishing leaves, red hearts, and monarch butterflies. These vibrant images flow together, moving towards a progressive and prospering pedal-powered future.















Sharing is a ground mural in the form of a huge sticker, shifting perspective from the traditional vertical wall mural image. The beautiful horizontal pool is full of color swirling visually, of vibrating bicycle wheel patterns, and of a huge unfurling leaf that seems to expand before your eyes as it grows into the sidewalk. Graphic in design, bright and swirling in visual effect, this mural shares its positive visual symbols of growth, personal freedom, and imagination colorfully with this community of South Philadelphia and the City of Philadelphia.

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