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Original Project Mission Statement.... the actual dream:


The Invisible tiny TeaHouse & Sitting Room with a View is an functioning architectural sculpture created with a1970 "Holiday Rambler" recreational vehicle or better known as a camper that spent the summer of 2018 in Sullivan, Ohio.  As the test pilot for Candy's future custom designed 
invisible House", a tiny house includes completely mirror shingling the exterior of this space on wheels for the purpose of reflecting its environment and by doing so blending in with the surrounds, rendering it nearly invisible.  As the exterior of the house reflects outwardly the the interior of this gem allows for introspective reflection serving as a mediation space with a retro minimalist Japanese design aesthetic.  


Outfitted with zabuton sitting cushions composed of Candy Coated Textiles designs inspired by Japanese Ikebana flower arrangements and a collection of masterfully made tea bowls this living sculpture is intended to be placed in various natural and wilderness settings (whatever that "wilderness" maybe).  It is a sculpture, yet serves the function of a meditative space reserved for contemplation, tea ceremony, and communing within the healing powers of nature.    


The project renovation of mirror cladding and meticulously restoring of the interior to its original 1970 style completes in early summer of 2018 on a farm in Ohio near where Candy grew up and artist in residence with her Wherever You Go, You Art residency program until the fall harvest (description can be found further along on this page). 


Tangential tiny TeaHOUSE project plans include an organic garden surrounding the house, farm to table vegetarian meal gatherings, growing and preparation of herbal teas for tea ceremonies, and filming/production of online video lessons in conjunction with Candy's educational initiative the School of Art and Ancient Wisdom that include cooking vegetarian soups and organic herb gardening to screen printing textile yardages with natural dyes and using plants for image making. Please visit the school page for a full listing of subjects for upcoming episodes. 


The longterm project goal is to take the mirrored tiny TeaHOUSE on tour across the United States via the Southern Pass to California where it will ultimately rest.  Before it rests, it will travel along the edge of the western coast of America, stopping at gorgeous locations spreading the healing power of meditative art in nature by visiting culturally inclined hosts along way.  Offering such a sitting space filled with the healing wisdom of art, nature, meditation, and organic vegetarian food/tea it is the hope to open hearts and minds to these scientifically proven forms of natural healing and allowing the restorative powers of nature to work their magic. 

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