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May 4, 2013 - November 17, 2013

Philadelphia-based multimedia artist Candy Coated (formerly Candy Depew) was invited to reinterpret children’s fancy dress costumes from the Museum’s collection, bringing her signature treatment of seamlessly blended ceramic wall gems, silk-screened fabrics, and vinyl decals to the Joan Spain Gallery. For this exhibition, she will create a storybook narrative based on costume selections that range from Little Bo Peep and Peter Pan costumes to soldier and sailor outfits to regional dress for special occasions.


Dramatic and whimsical still-life arrangements will originate from a miniature, quilted playhouse—made from a patchwork of silk-screened and decorative fabrics with patterns inspired by historical designs—located in the center of the gallery. Child-sized mannequins in nurse uniforms will “tend” to stuffed animals, complementing visualized fairy tales incorporating wall paintings, vinyl flourishes, patterned wallpaper, sparkling ceramic gem enhancements, and additional costumed mannequins. Childlike figures both admire loosely rendered wall paintings of historic domestic scenes and become a part of them, merging the threedimensional and two-dimensional worlds.

This exhibition is part of Art Splash, a suite of five family-friendly exhibitions, interactive art and play zones, and daily family programs.

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