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Spring Newsletter: Back from an existential hiatus sharing cosmic news and 2017 highlights

Updated: Jun 11, 2018


Vegan/Vegetarian Kitchen Chef Apprenticeship @ Green Gulch Zen Center and Organic Farm, Muir Beach, California  Art, Nature, Food, and Meditation Cures all that Ails You

Since February - end of October 2017, much time was spent meditating at the nature refuge Green Gulch Zen Center & Farm in Muir Beach, California just north of San Francisco.  In July, I became a full time vegan/vegetarian chef apprentice in the zen kitchen tradition while living amongst the monks studying the Bohdisattava path.  Visiting the beach nearly every day, hiking up the hills and being without cell reception nor reliable wifi plugged me directly into the healing powers of nature.  Daily meditation practice over extended time realigned my mind, body, and spirit, combined with mindful organic food preparation brought me to thoroughly understand that art/food/exposure to nature/meditation are essential curatives for balanced life. These understandings are the foundation of my work from this date forward.


Artist Residency Programming: Wherever You GO, You ART originally based in Napa Valley, California and will be in Ohio for summer 2018. 

WHEVER You GO, You ART, is very special long term project that has been in the works for several years.  Considered a "satellite" program intended to move about wherever I go as I orbit the earth, practicing, sharing, and teaching art. Definitively it is an artist's residency that happens wherever I happen to be, eschewing the idea that art is made within the confines of a studio and embracing the idea that art can be/is made wherever you are... details at


Candy Coated Textiles Collaboration: 

Announcing a newly formed partnership of Candy Coated Textiles designs with Philadelphia based LaTasca handbag company!


2018 NEWS


Window murals for the Curated Store Front, the Knight Foundation, Akron, Ohio  Art reinvigorates, renews, restores.

Having gone back to my Ohio native roots for a spell after the Zen Center to visit family and pick up my furry feline KATZ! I was able to spread some color and gemstone sticker magic on the windows of Main Street, Akron with the Curated Store Front.  Four buildings were candy coated with the last one finishing up end of February before setting off on the next adventure! Visit for more pics/details.


The CandyCoated StudioSchool evolves into  Healing Arts and Ancient Wisdom Practice

Everything changes with time... please click on above link for updating on this enhanced perspective.   


Invisible HOUSE reconceptualized into

the tiny TeaHOUSE and sitting ROOM with a View

While practicing daily zazen mediation and honoring my love of tea and the ceremony that surrounds it the Invisible House concept evolved into tiny TeaHOUSE & Sitting Meditation ROOM with a View


Candy Coated Tarot Deck

Developed with the idea of making an interactive artist's "book" coupled with a way of offering a product that, with its sale, will support the continuation of the candycoated mission to spread beauty around the world.

This specially designed card deck features over 78 images of art spanning my creative candy coated life from 1995-present; a retrospective exhibition in tarot card form. Release set for this Summer 2018 and you can be one of the first to get yours by Pre-ordering in the Candy SHOP


And finally the BEST NEWS YET: Newly published research on the lifestyle of my favorite bike design! Still going strong with Philadelphia Mural Arts and Indego Bikes.


Best Wishes for Happiness, Health and Abundance in 2018 & Thank you so much for your cosmic support in every way, shape, or form it may take!  


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